Osteopathy and Indiana Wesleyan

The Indiana Osteopathic Association passed over a virtually certain $75 million in startup funding from Indiana Wesleyan University
to choose Marian University for its new osteopathic college.

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Lumina awards $831,000 to state chamber, commission

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce and the Indiana Commission for Higher Education announced Monday afternoon that the Lumina Foundation for Education has awarded them $831,000 to help fund an initiative designed to increase the number of college graduates.

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State’s college graduation rates bedevil education experts

Just over half of students at state-supported, four-year institutions in Indiana graduate within six years—a tremendous
waste of resources by both students and taxpayers. The number of citizens with bachelor’s degrees is one of the surest
indicators of economic success in a 21st century economy driven less by workers’ hands
and more by their heads.

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