LETTER: Convention biz is strong

Indy is poised for more record-breaking results for CIB revenue, hotel rooms sold and revenue, and industry jobs and wages in the near- to mid-term.

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BULLS & BEARS: Investors: Stay within ‘circle of competence’

Index funds are a wise choice for many investors confronted with the overwhelming menu of investment options. They offer a simple alternative that exposes the investor to a variety of industries at a low cost. In addition, an index fund investor’s return will exceed the net results, after fees and expenses, achieved by the majority of investment professionals, including most mutual fund and hedge fund managers. If, however, investors choose to build their portfolio by selecting individual stocks, they should…

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Parking protest: Spurned operator questions airport contracting methods

The nation’s largest parking operator is complaining that Indianapolis International Airport canceled its joint-venture contract and handed the business to the local half of the venture without seeking competing proposals. Nashville, Tenn.-based Central Parking Corp. said that, given the chance, it would have offered the airport more to manage the Premier Business Class parking lot than its now-former partner, Global Parking System of Carmel, did. A counteroffer from Central came after the Indianapolis Airport A u t h o r…

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