Many public universities now using private planes

At Ohio State University, football coach Urban Meyer and members of his family took 11 personal trips last school year at a cost to the university of $120,000. Purdue University flew an alumnus from Rhode Island for $15,000.

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Local pilot turns aerobatics into satisfying ‘jobby’

Billy Werth’s passion for flying has landed him two jobs that pay the bills–as commercial pilot with Chautauqua Airlines and a major in the Air Force Reserves at Grissom Air Reserve Base in Peru. His third job is just for fun. Since 2006, Werth has owned an acrobatic flying company called Grayout Aerosports.

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Mount Comfort Airport revs up growth plans

For the six general aviation airports that ring Indianapolis, landing business jets is like finding silver dollars in a bucket
of pennies. Though relatively few compared with the number of piston-engine planes, jets consume three times as much fuel
at the area's small airports.

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