Following the heart to a ‘real job’

Just what is a ‘real job?’

Most college students define the term in light of Adam Smithâ??s capitalism â?? high pay, having an office
so on, says Purdue University communications professor Robin Patric Clair.

Clair, who recently wrote a book called…

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Scandal singes MBA entry exam

Not everyone who takes the Graduate Management Admission Test, which is required to get into business graduate
programs, is honest.

The organization that publishes the test, the Graduate Management Admission Council, disclosed yesterday that
it has tossed scores of 84…

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Is college for everyone?

Parents and teachers for more than a generation have steered students toward college and white-collar work,
and few states need the graduates more than Indiana, which has one of the lowest levels of college attainment
in the country.

Lost in the…

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Back to school in hard times

Colleges and universities tend to see enrollment boom when the economy goes south, and this down cycle appears
to be little different.

Indiana University, Ivy Tech Community College and the University of Indianapolis all have announced in recent
weeks that enrollments…

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Do you demand a 401(k)?

Corporations are boosting 401(k) plans even as they abandon traditional pension plans.

Workers are getting automatic enrollment, more investment options and greater contributions from employers.

Employees want 401(k)s, and theyâ??re good for business, companies say. In fact, companies without 401(k)s…

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When to blow the whistle

Whistleblowers are learning the hard way that they wonâ??t necessarily get their jobs back by exposing problems.

The latest such case involved a former banker who saw his case rejected by an appeals court. The court
ruled that his…

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Match your wits with an Indian child

Bob Compton has taken a few arrows in the back since he began screening the film he funded, â??2 Million
Minutes,â?? last fall.

Compton, who was a venture capitalist at CID Equity Partners before striking out on his own to bankroll…

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Good news on a Friday

Manufacturing seems to churn out about as many lay-off headlines as cars these days, but plenty of good
news about the sector is buried in a recent Ball State University study.

Indiana manufacturing workers are accomplishing far more work than peers…

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Starbucks, piercings and Band-Aids

Some local Starbucks workers are looking like they tangle with cats.

Theyâ??ve taken to putting bandages over piercings to meet the letter of Starbucksâ?? dress code, which minimizes
the number of earrings and other piercings visible to customers.

Band-Aids beat the hassle…

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Is Lechleiter the fall guy?

CALPERS, the big pension fund, doesnâ??t want Eli Lilly and Co.â??s new CEO, John Lechleiter, to be voted onto
the board at Lillyâ??s annual meeting on Monday.

Lechleiter was a high-level player within Lilly in recent years while the…

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Clinton and Obama on NAFTA

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama suggested to voters before the Ohio primary election early this month that
the North American Free Trade Agreement should be renegotiated because Rust Belt workers are getting a raw

The extent to which Clinton and…

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Hysteria or playing it safe?

Lots of people laughed last week at the Fort Wayne law firm that called police about a suspicious gift
bag it received. The suspicious package had come from a man who was being sued by a client of the…

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Importing workers to Indianapolis

Hereâ??s something that might surprise you, considering that Indiana is sometimes viewed by people outside the
state as insular and unwelcoming to strangers.

Indianapolis has a higher percentage of income earners at least age 15 who were born in another state…

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Newcomers to suburban counties

Lots of people are flocking to the eight suburban counties that surround Indianapolis, a new report from
the Indianapolis Private Industry Council says.

More than 16,000 showed up in 2005 alone, said the report, which tracks the work force.

But the council…

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Adding to the life science corridor

For years, dreamers have envisioned a life sciences crescent stretching from West Lafayette down Interstate
65 to Indianapolis, then along State Road 37 to Bloomington.

The thinking was, this corridor would take advantage of Indiana and Purdue universities and IUPUI as…

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