Are unions making a comeback?

Weâ??re accustomed to hearing that unions represent a smaller and smaller proportion of the American work force.

Yet, government figures released last week show the first increase in union membership in 24 years, with
about 12.1 percent of workers in unions….

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Blame Daniels for the economy?

At this point four years ago, now-Gov. Mitch Daniels had started outlining a platform based on revitalizing
the economy.

The economy had been headed south since the â??70s and had taken another beating early in the decade. Voters
were only too…

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Should city embrace hotel union?

Just when you thought plans for a new downtown convention hotel were set to go forward, four City-County
Council members want the full council to essentially force the new hotel to employ union workers after it

The City-County Council, which…

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‘Creative class’ debunked?

The Wall Street Journal carried an interesting op-ed piece yesterday by a researcher who claimed cities are
putting their eggs in the wrong basket by trying to attract young single professionals with a â??brew-latte-and-they-will-come-approach.â??

Joel Kotkin, presidential fellow at Chapman University,…

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Unions gaining, losing ground

Unions are experiencing mixed results.

The United Auto Workers lost clout during negotiations with Detroit car companies this year.

Yet, the Service Employees International Union is forcing janitorial firms to the table in Indianapolis, Cincinnati
and other cities. And workers at Casino…

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Will ATA leave Indy entirely?

IBJ reporter Chris Oâ??Malley reported last weekend that ATA Airlinesâ?? parent company has quietly moved its
headquarters to Peachtree City, Ga. Global Aero Logistics no longer flies out of Indianapolis International
Airport, but it has other operations here that employ…

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Stressed college grads

A new poll shows college grads are worried about finding jobs â?? no surprise there, considering the sorry
state of the economy.

But the poll, taken by Edison Media Research, also shows a third of them fretting about their…

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