Shifting health benefits

The end of sweeping cuts in employee health benefits and the beginning of another trend is in sight, says
Mike Miles, vice president and senior benefits consultant at Gregory & Appel Insurance.

Employers have slashed benefits so deeply that the cuts…

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Myrland on the chamber, church

Thereâ??s nothing like a little time away from a job to refine oneâ??s perspective. Which makes John Myrlandâ??s
distance from the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce all the more interesting.

Myrland, 58, resigned as president of the chamber at the end of 2005…

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Smart phones and meetings

The days of only the powerful few getting by with tapping their Blackberries during meetings are long gone.

When was the last time you were in a gathering where more people seemed interested in the topic or the

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Reining in bouncers

Thereâ??s nothing like a menacing bouncer to keep the peace at some nightclubs. Now, though, cities weary of
bouncers causing more havoc than calm â?? think beatings and assaults â?? are forcing them to get licenses.
San Diego…

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The future of anger management?

A prediction by a military historian in a recent issue of Foreign Policy has something for everyone, including
people interested in companies right here in Indiana.

Writing in a special section about the future, Martin van Creveld notes that…

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Measuring your performance

From the beginning of time, engineering and the hard sciences have been held to account by laws of nature
because results of faulty reasoning are obvious. Heavy airplanes wonâ??t leave the ground, patients given the
wrong drug die.

In recent decades…

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Indy’s best leaders

Conseco has seen a string of leaders since the company began to stumble and co-founder Steve Hilbert stepped
down nearly nine years ago. The insurer still doesnâ??t have its footing, saying today its auditors arenâ??t

convinced it can

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WellPoint brass and rank-and-file

WellPoint unwittingly made an interesting point this morning when it announced it expects to save $24 million
by laying off 600 workers.

Those 600 workers in affect are being valued at about half the $47.5 million in total compensation…

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Dungy, Bayh and Obama

Evan Bayh is pitching Tony Dungy to Barack Obama as a czar to promote â??responsible fatherhoodâ?? and Obama
likes the idea, Bayh says.

Dungy, who is retiring as head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, has made fatherhood a centerpiece…

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Utility of WARN notices

In times like these, what do you think of the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, commonly
called the WARN Act or WARN notices?

The federal law was passed in 1988 to give employees 60 daysâ?? notice of an impending layoff,…

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Headhunter: Market not so bad

A corporate recruiter says employers in Indianapolis arenâ??t acting like their counterparts elsewhere in the
country, if headlines are to be believed.

The employment market here has stayed fairly resilient, says Steve Mattei, a partner in Pinnacle Partners

Pinnacle specializes in…

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Is your job secure?

Waves of layoffs are going to hit the country as banks tighten lending and companies cut costs, BusinessWeek
predicted in an article this week.

Unlike the dot-com and housing busts of recent years, this time just about every industry…

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Reasons not to retire

Plenty of people plan to work until at least age 67, when eligibility for full Social Security benefits
kicks in, a new study shows. And itâ??s not just for the money.

Many say remaining in the workplace will help them…

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Union tensions loom in Congress

If the Employee Free Choice Act sounds unfamiliar, you arenâ??t alone. The proposed legislation is getting little
coverage this election cycle.

But the measure could emerge as a flashpoint in the next Congress as business and labor groups battle for


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