Here are some ways to help the CIB

January 9, 2010

In your [Dec. 28] edition, there was another article about the Capital Improvement Board and its money troubles. The article indicates that the situation, though still bad, is not as bad as it appeared a year ago.

The question I have is, “Is there enough money coming in to keep these world-class facilities maintained, pay them off, put enough away for the inevitable refurbishing that they will need over time and also promote this city?”

If all of the cuts that can be made have been made, then what? Here are three relatively painless solutions:

• Impose the tax on Morgan County that the other “doughnut” counties have to support Lucas Oil Stadium;

• Equalize the hotel/motel tax in the “doughnut” counties with Marion County’s and have these counties keep half of the revenue and the rest goes to the CIB for upkeep and promotion;

• Take some of the excess revenue from the sales taxes that are paying off the Lucas Oil Stadium bonds early to support the CIB. It makes no sense to pay off an asset early if you can’t keep its lights on!

Can we finally take some common-sense, low-impact steps to finally put this issue to rest?


John L. Sorg

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