Column captured Hinkle's magic

April 10, 2010

[In response to Bill Benner’s April 5 column] Nobody has put it better! My dad took me to Butler Fieldhouse to see Oscar [Robertson] play for Attucks—against Broad Ripple in the sectionals—and to see Tony’s Bulldogs. You and I remember when the Bulldogs and the Indians were our only teams.

You really captured the spirit of the thing as only an Indy native of our vintage could. I learned my love of basketball by watching Oscar and those great sectionals of the ’50s and ’60s and by watching and studying how Butler could upset Notre Dame, IU, Purdue and so forth (remember Michigan and Cazzie Russell in the ’65-’66 season?). Tony’s teams taught me it’s not about the best players—not always. It’s often about the best team.

Danny O’Malia

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