Reader suggests IBJ journalists probe officials' assertions

November 3, 2008
A few comments on the thought-provoking [Oct. 27] issue shows your reporters may want to question some of the facts used in their stories:

On the new airport—The airport authority's assumption of a 3-percent growth rate in light of the high fares and recession seems wildly optimistic, as does a doubling in concession revenue. (Sadly, Subway and LaSalsa will be missing due to the higher rents at the new facility.)

Your article on conventions and the media hype on the big positives from having the FFA convention here was also lacking. Since when are 17-year-olds a target market for a convention? And they can walk everywhere, unlike Chicago? Last time I checked, Chicago has a great transit system and is very walkable.

And finally, the story on former Mayor Bart Peterson's appointment to lead young mayors in bold thinking—especially on transit—was disappointing.

Peterson was too busy raising taxes to subsidize stadiums and hotels to bother with boosting transit in Indy. Just look at the lack of public transit at the new airport. A public-policy failure if there ever was one.

Keep up the good work, but question the assumptions before printing these assertions.

P.S. Your story the week before showed Michigan adopting a 15-percent renewable mandate. It was actually 10 percent.

Bill Malcolm
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