Thanks for column on Carl Brizzi

November 27, 2010

I do not know Carl Brizzi and do not feel that I have adequate information to assess some of the events that have raised so much concern. I have felt all along that he deserves to be deemed innocent until proven guilty. However, politics doesn’t follow the law and therefore people can make accusations with little or no basis.

I read [Mickey Maurer’s] column in the Nov. 15 IBJ with great interest and just wanted to tell you that I admire you for not jumping on the “throw Carl under the bus” parade. The sign of a true leader is one who will take an unpopular position when the need arises

You stated the facts as they needed to be made public and gave us information about his performance that we have not heard. And you left politics out of it. Because I believe that you and Brizzi are members of different political parties, this is an issue that deserved to be addressed leaving politics out—and you did it. The community needs people like you who will tell it like it is.


Don M. Gatlin

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