Katterjohn's optimism is uplifting

February 9, 2009

[Chris Katterjohn] saved your best commentary [in the Feb. 2 issue] for a time everyone wonders what is next. I have said for weeks, if not months, a lot of what is going on is between people's ears. I also feel companies in dire straits will do all they can to survive, while companies who are doing OK will use this troubled time as a time to improve.

2008 was our best year ever, with growth of 18 percent and at the same time I am retooling, restructuring and planning to hire a name as chief operating officer to further allow me to do what I do best, sell and bring vision for the future. There is opportunity for those who go forward and not look back. Thanks Chris, your pop-out quote is a Monday morning banner for my senior management to start their day by.

Frank Hancock
CEO  Sport Graphics

I really enjoyed your column. It was upbeat, yet realistic.

I think it is so important to remind people that the one thing we have control of is our attitude.

I think you conveyed that beautifully. I take the attitude that with each passing day we are a day closer to the recession ending.

Yes, the economy may get worse before it gets better; however, we still are a day closer to better economic times.

I think the same can be said of the end of winter. No matter how challenging the weather gets, we are a day closer to spring.

Howard Kellman
Play-by-play announcer

Indianapolis Indians

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