Krull column was out of line

March 12, 2011

[Columnist] John Krull, in an attempt [in the Feb. 28 Forefront] to slam U.S. Rep. Mike Pence [R-Indiana] and State Sen. Mike Delph [R-Carmel], used a very flawed premise. The Civil War was fought over the expansion of slavery—later emancipation.

Yes, for a very long time the Old South Democrats justified slavery as a state’s right. Some still do. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights guaranteed individual rights and limited Congress’ powers in many areas, thus giving those powers to the several states—there were no states’ rights on the slavery issue.

Lincoln stood fast on the point that the federal government protected individual rights, thus disallowed slavery. Therefore, his resolve was not about states’ rights, as Krull states. He is wrong.

Therefore Pence and Delph did not “turn the Constitution on its head”—Krull did!


Mic Mead

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