Green magazine deserves recognition

April 13, 2009

After much excitement and anticipation for [the March 9] "Going Green" Focus, I found myself pleasantly surprised by the majority of the articles. However, as I anxiously thumbed my way through the articles and suddenly found myself at the end of the paper, I was terribly upset and disappointed that one of Indiana's best new companies failed to be even mentioned.

For the past 2-1/2 years, Indiana Living Green has sprouted up through the corporate cracks, offering Indiana readers a guide to a greener lifestyle and sustainable living. Way before the $4-per-gallon era shook everyone's pocketbooks late last year and the term "green" became the vogue word of the year, owner Lynn Jenkins was living green and putting her life's passion into something for everyone else in Indiana, and something we should be embracing and learning from.

The progressive magazine and Web site are just the beginning of what Indiana Living Green has to offer, which she has expanded to a bimonthly, 50,000-reader magazine available free to anyone at various locations. Lynn also spends her time putting on educational events such as her "Green Scene" (partnered with WFYI), from which I took home several great yet simple ideas to make a difference in my daily habits.

In a world where institutional greed, exploitation and selfishness seem to have become keys for success, it's fresh to see someone such as Lynn Jenkins and [the others at] Indiana Living Green following their hearts and the right type of green.

Erica Layton

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