'Right-to-work' is a charade

January 21, 2012

As an attorney who has practiced labor and employment law for 37 years, I’m concerned by the widespread confusion about the so-called “right-to-work“ bill being promoted by Gov. Daniels. TV ads, paid for by corporations he refuses to identify, claim without a shred of evidence that not having such a law keeps one-third of prospective employers from considering relocating here. A sponsor, Rep. Jerry Torr, denies this bill is union busting and claims it will actually “strengthen” unions.

The measure would allow a nonmember to benefit from a union’s services without paying for them. It’s as if the General Assembly were to pass a bill stating that Indiana will no longer require persons to pay for the services of their CPA, physician or barber.

The proponents of this bill should stop hiding behind ignorance, lies and anonymous corporate donors and give Hoosiers the truth. This draconian bill is not about “jobs.” Its sole purpose is to weaken unions, historically among the few organizations with the resources to stand up against the abuse of corporate power.


William R. Groth

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