Not all creationists alike

June 13, 2015

I am really glad to hear that Mickey Maurer [June 8] went to the Creation Museum, and as usual, enjoyed his perspective. I realize that people vary a lot in what they think about creation, and then also the re-creation, as a result of The Flood. I have been to the Creation Museum also and really enjoyed it.

In Mr. Maurer’s last two paragraphs, he says it is impossible to debate gay marriage with a creationist and that “this group voted 100 percent for RFRA in our state Legislature.” I am a creationist but did not support RFRA at all, and for the record, am not a fan of Sen. Mike Delph or Gov. Pence, and am open to discuss gay marriage—not exactly sure what to think there.

I appreciate that Mr. Maurer tells it like he sees it. And I could not agree with him more where he said, “The Bible tells an incredible story—The greatest story ever told.”


Jack Whitaker

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