Traffic nightmare in offing as projects come online

July 11, 2015

Your article [“Neighbors yell ‘fore’ over par 3 conversion,” July 6] is missing one critical issue that will require both Indianapolis and Carmel to work together in an attempt to avoid a major headache for many.

Yes, the density is of much concern to those that live in the area, and Nora will need to update its roadways for increased vehicles. But those don’t compare to the elephant in the room: The real issue is that this is yet another large development that will directly impact the dreadful 96th and Keystone intersection.

If you review the location of all three major developments mentioned in this article, you’ll notice the closest proximity residents will have to the I-465 interchange is via 96th to Keystone. It appears Mayor Brainard and crew are attempting to move the improvements of the intersection forward but this may be a chicken before the egg situation.

The Seasons of Carmel apartment community will come online in a few short months, further compounding traffic east and west on 96th between Keystone and Westfield Boulevard. Anyone who has experienced this chunk of road during the morning and evening commutes will tell you an additional 150 cars (being generous) is a serious problem.

Add the cars from Old Town Development’s upcoming project at 9876 Westfield Blvd. (which will come online well before the 96th and Keystone improvements are under way) and it should be incredibly clear what will happen to the area.

Finally, add everything that has been mentioned with the proposed Herman & Kittle development and the potential traffic issue seems unfathomable.•


Adam Campagna

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