LETTER: Confused by political column

April 8, 2017

This is a business journal that has an editorial page. I like that. Love Forefront. A business owner gets to write on the op-ed page [WAGNER: Mentoring women to be Democratic leaders, March 27]. OK. The business owner opines on the need to mentor women to be “Democratic” (somewhat misleading headline, but you did capitalize the “D”) leaders. But for one (key) adjective, I am fine.

A business owner should want to mentor women (OK, and others) to be leaders, not just leaders who are Democrats.

When will we have an op-ed that has a business leader looking for democratic (but conservative) leaders? Let me know. Basically, you are allowing a local business owner to shill for a political party in an op-ed column. Seems odd.


Rob Akerhielm

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