LETTER: Tolls are bad idea

April 29, 2017

In his opinion piece, Randall Shepard pointed to the tough decisions legislators must make when it comes to investing in Indiana’s infrastructure [Hoosiers have a history of supporting roads, April 10]. I take exception to Mr. Shepard’s belief that tolling should be part of the “menu of options” for road funding, which unfortunately our state representatives are pushing under House Bill 1002.

Interstate tolls increase supply chain shipping costs, making businesses less competitive and raising consumer prices. This makes tolls an underhanded tax—one that will undermine Indiana’s position as a logistics hub and the “Crossroads of America.” Even worse, tolls on existing interstates are a double tax on roads that are already paid for through fuel taxes. Worst of all, the General Assembly is wiping their hands clean of the issue in HB 1002 by giving sole discretion to the governor to initiate and implement tolls, stripping Hoosiers’ voices via their elected representatives.

As the vice president of operations for a trucking company with more than 40 tractors and 55 trailers based in Indiana, I am aware of the damage done to our equipment by crumbling, decaying roads. I’m glad politicians are stepping up to the plate and figuring out transportation funding, but tolls should not be part of this mix.


Robert F. Haag

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