Downtown Indianapolis businesses prep for possible unrest

Some buildings and businesses in downtown Indianapolis have boarded up windows and taken other security steps to prepare for possible unrest surrounding Election Day.

My Eye Doctor, an eye care practice on Monument Circle, and a nearby Huntington Bank branch put up boards over the weekend after both businesses suffered extensive damage during May disturbances after the death of George Floyd, WISH-TV reported.

Danielle Cooney, the general manager of Soupremacy restaurant near Monument Circle, doesn’t want to board up, but fears that if the election gets so heated and emotional, some people could act out.

“I have to make the decision that’s best for my stuff and my store, and I do think that will be boarding up at some point,” Cooney said.

Police have told Coomey they don’t believe there will be civil unrest on Election Day, but she’s not so sure.

“I am prepared for it and I’ll be prepared all week,” Coomey said.

After being caught off guard during nationwide social unrest this summer and suffering millions in damages, many retailers have spent months prepping for another possible bout of vandalism on Election Day

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37 thoughts on “Downtown Indianapolis businesses prep for possible unrest

    1. Rioters don’t need inflammatory comments they just need an uninhibited canvas to work with. Mr Hogsett provides such a background for them to perform their Marxist feats. If the National Guard is not on standby then we will know his and Eric’s intentions.

    2. The mayor did not cause the riots. And what might the referenced job be. The action that needs to be taken is rationale control effected by the mayor, city-county council, and IMPD. Indianapolis is not the sole city in the nation subject to unrest and certainly was not the city that sustained the greatest damage. Businesses in Indianapolis along with cities nationwide are being proactive in regard to potential unrest. Unfortunately, the state of the nation has descended to name calling, insults, and sophomoric behaviour which does nothing to improve society at large.

  1. What is driving these business owners to think there will be rioting? Do the “rioters” have a specific party-affiliation and reason why they will be so upset they will riot? Is someone stirring the pot about election fraud (which evidence and proof has yet to be provided on anything more than incidentally)? Who would be so irresponsible to generate a situation where the outcomes would be riots?

    I still hear people on the right unable to talk about anything related to BLM except “I don’t agree with rioting” so I hope the Trump supporters who think the election is rigged will not riot downtown and be as hypocritical as the Senate Republicans.

    Or, are these business owners listening to someone who is telling them Trump will win and the Democrats are going to riot? Are they setting the stage for Trump to call a national state of emergency on Election Day, close the polls, and let each state’s legislature pick the next President? If that’s the case, then I think every building in the country should board up.

    1. The BLM supporters have said there will be unrest if the election does not go their way. So, that is not a prediction, it is just acknowledging what has already been said. Richard W’s naivete is concerning. Does he work for Hogsett?

    2. Yes! Those Trump supporters actually rioted at the Capitol and broke into the place. Those supporters are more hardcore and more organized than Biden supporters are at rioting…

  2. After the first night of rioting last May, Hogsett held a press conference the next morning and said he “hoped” there would not be a second night of rioting (which we all know there was). He also declined the Governor’s offer to have the National Guard help protect City assets. I had even sent a note to my Councilman asking him to urge the Mayor to accept the Governor’s offer. (My Councilman replied with a condescending note that clearly illustrated that he wasn’t interested in my opinion). The Governor had the Guard deployed around State properties while Hogsett and Chief Taylor allowed our city to be vandalized and looted.

    Law-abiding citizens should also be aware that the City recently settled a law suit brought by the ACLU in which the IMPD agreed to terms that outlines under what circumstances they are allowed to use tear gas.

    We have weak, weak leadership from our Mayor, Police Chief and City-County Council. They loved their positions when everything was good. But now that they need to make difficult decisions, they are paralyzed and scared to take action.

    So, if things do get bad on election night don’t look to your City leaders for help.

    1. Democracy not Constitution, women’s health not murder, racial justice not law and order. He who controls the language, controls the narrative.

    1. Not if he wins fairly, but if he steals the election like he’s threatened to, there will definitely be rioting. If Trump loses, we’ll see demonstrators marching with torches and spewing racist rhetoric.

    2. late breaking news the BLM/Antifa rioters do not care who wins, they riot either way. Until the get nationalized police and destroy local control, they riot. Read there websites they are preparing. I just hope Hogsett is ready to lead instead of hide.

    3. Thete we go with TDS infected Wesley of California. Must get old looking to be offended and coming up with excuses all the time.

    4. Rhea, I love that you’re so obsessed with me that you remember everything about me and give me Trump nicknames. Thanks for the confidence boost!

    5. Called it! The riot at the capitol was far worse than what we had going on downtown last summer.

  3. I can feel the heat of these posts all the way to my home. There is only one thing I can say; I may disagree with a number of you but I will defend your right to say it.

  4. Rhea & Jeff A., are you guys going to follow the norm by spreading chaos, intimidation, and domination like your leader if he doesn’t win? Threaten lawsuits and claim unfair voting practices because
    the big baby is a poor loser? I bet you’ll take to IBJ and bore us all with your loser rhetoric. Yes, Rhetoric Rhea.

    1. Give up that line. The Democrats never accused the election of being rigged or fake. All that happened was people being mad that Hillary won by 3 million votes, but still didn’t get elected. The man was impeached because of crimes he committed as president. Not because the Democrats accused the election of being fraudulent. DJT has already declared the election rigged ahead of time. He’s a very sore loser, even when he hasn’t lost yet lol.

    2. Wesley you need to find a new news source. trump was not impeached. they tried with their russia investigation which was a hoax. the rich irony was that the witch hunt uncovered some real criminal activity that involved Joe Biden and his son. FBI is investigating now…

    3. Dustin, you need to get a new source, you know, like an actual news source. Trump was impeached, just like Bill Clinton. He wasn’t removed from office, just like Bill Clinton. And man, there are so many investigations that are going to ruin Trump as soon as he’s out of office. He’s literally got multiple agencies investigating his many financial crimes.

    1. Lorna, maybe you and Wesley can share a room at the mental facility. You have TDS as bad as he does. Trump won fairly as defined by the US Constitution and electoral college. There is a reason for the winner to be declared that way so that California and NY don’t rule the rest of the nation. Democrats couldn’t stand they lost and then spent almost 4 years investigating something that was a hoax.

  5. John L has it right. After the first night of rioting Hogsett held a press conference and quite literally invited people back downtown for a second night of “peaceful protests”. Our incredibly naïve, weak, mayor cost our city big time and Chris Beatty his life.

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