SHOBERT: Indiana continues to mind the store

Indiana’s current fiscal position points a way forward, illuminating what the next decade of good government, and good partnership between municipalities and businesses, should look like—not only at a regional level, but for the nation as a whole as well.

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SHOBERT: Could new model save manufacturing?

On my most recent trip to China, it was not without some heaviness of heart that I again found myself comparing the newness
of the country’s infrastructure—and the teeming activity that seems to have enveloped this part of the world—with
much of what I see, or do not, around Indiana and the United States.

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SHOBERT: Who’s your in-house entrepreneur?

Times like this are ripe for pioneering activities. Now that your business knows it can operate profitably even in a down
economy—no small thing—the next question is what you need to be doing to grow.

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