PAYNE: How we can improve our ‘talent dividend’

We Hoosiers are starting to treat education with a sense of urgency and as something
worth achieving. This response to our city’s, state’s and country’s education crisis is reassuring, because the
stakes couldn’t be higher.

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VIEWPOINT: Follow 3 C’s of strategic charitable giving

You do your best every day to make smart decisions about how you and your family members spend money. You know a haphazard approach to your personal finances isn’t efficient or effective, and you rely on common sense and planning to help you make smart spending decisions. I suggest you apply that thoughtful approach to your charitable giving, whether you’re a veteran philanthropist or someone who seldom does more than throw a few coins in a kettle. In fact, I…

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VIEWPOINT: Get ready for big-time public art

As president of Central Indiana Community Foundation, I get challenged by a lot of people who have a lot of questions. “Why can’t we have some of the cool stuff other cities have, like major public art?” a CEO of a public company asked me the other day. This time I was pleased to be able to answer not only that we can, but that we will. The Indianapolis Cultural Development Commission, with generous support from the Deborah Joy Simon…

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