HHGregg growing too fast?

The fast-growing locally based electronics retailer HHGregg Inc. has seen its stock price rocket more than 80 percent this year as it moves to take advantage of the bankruptcy liquidation of rival Circuit City.

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HHGregg tuned into growth

Undeterred by a rocky economy, locally based electronics retailer HHGregg is trailblazing into new markets on a quest to quadruple
in size. The firm’s “price and advice” mantra seems to be catching on. That’s no surprise to Jerry Throgmartin, a 33-year
veteran of Gregg who has served as the company’s chairman and CEO since 2003.

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H.H. Gregg betting big on flat screens

Locally based Gregg Appliances Inc. found itself flat-footed last holiday season when consumers demanded flat-panel TVs. The
popular televisions were in short supply at H.H. Gregg stores. This year, Gregg has bet on a huge selection of flat-panel
TVs to buoy sales.

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