Hetrick created his own problem

January 28, 2012

I read with amazement Bruce Hetrick’s [Jan. 23] column about health care reform and an issue he had with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Hetrick chooses to lay blame at anyone but himself for having to “jump through hoops” to resolve an insurance claim.

By filling the script on a cancelled policy and failing to notify his pharmacy of his new policy Hetrick created an administrative mess which he alone can resolve. This is like writing a check on a closed bank account and then expecting the bank to figure out how and where to find the funds to pay it.

He was provided goods and services and now he has to pay for them, plain and simple. Health care is not free, and individuals must take accountability for their actions and become active consumers of health care.


Jim Daly
co-owner, JD Resley Associates Inc.

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