40 extras: What have you learned about yourself since joining the workforce?

“As I have grown throughout my career, I have found an increasing amount of joy in helping others be successful on their projects as well as in their careers.”
—Chris Stowers

“That’s hard to define because I feel like I have learned absolutely everything I now know about myself since joining the workforce. The person I was when I first started interning in college feels like a stranger at this point!”
—Ann O’Connor McCready

“I’ve learned that strategic sacrifices often payoff in the end.”
—Dr. Cole Beeler

“Learning is the fun part. I think quite often, we feel like we need to become experts and achieve mastery as quickly as possible, but really, the fun is in the discovery.”
—Lindsay Tjepkema

“I have learned to trust my instincts while simultaneously making a plan A, B, C and D. In emergency medicine, we often make life and death decisions based on limited information, and that skillset served me this year.”
—Dr. Lindsay Weaver

“While the saying goes, ‘99% of the things we worry about never happen,’ I still find strong preparation, good relationships, a positive mindset and adaptability are key!”
—Katie Jenner

“I have learned that being a builder extends far beyond brick and mortar. That my life experiences, which include my upbringing, successes and certainly failures, have all given me an informed voice. I’ve learned that builders lead through serving.”
—Adrian Russell

40 extras: Recommended reads

“How to Win Friends and Influence People,”
“Good to Great” and “Mere Christianity”
—Shane Hageman

‘The Color of Compromise’ by Jemar Tisby rocked my world and changed my life. It validated so much for me as a Black woman.”
—Tanorria Askew

“Everything” by Jim Collins
—San Pathak

“Peter Pan”
“To me, this story sets a wonderful example of how we should design systems and products. Peter Pan is the simplest of stories. And yet, it has stood the test of time and appeals to everyone regardless of their age.”
—Suranga Kasthurirathne

“Each year I choose a word as my mantra to focus on and in 2020, the word was ‘presence.’ A dear friend mailed me ‘Present Over Perfect’ by Shauna Niequist to help kickstart the endeavor, and it was one the most powerful books I’ve read (and re-read).”
—Lauren Petersen

“Oh the Places You’ll Go!”
“A lot of my reading these days is catered to my 3-year-old son, but interestingly enough, this book’s got something for everyone.”
—Colleen Powers

“Daring Greatly”
“It has encouraged me to be more vulnerable in the way that I live and lead.” —Kristen Nunery

40 extras: Recommended podcasts

“The Breakdown” by Shaun King, a classmate at Morehouse College
“He inspired me on campus and continues to do so. We are fighting the same social justice fight, but in different lanes.”
—Robert Marshall

“The Daily” and “The Bill Simmons Podcast”
—Peter Hanscom

“Aside from my own, ‘Better Product,’ I love ‘The Steam Room’ with Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley. Both those guys are national treasures and Barkley is probably the funniest, most humble and thoughtful person around.”
—Christian Beck

“Many. I have been listening to the ‘You’re Wrong About’ archives a lot lately. Standard favorites are NPR’s ‘Code Switch,’ ‘How I Built This,’ ‘Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me’ and ‘Fanti.’
—Taylor Schaffer

“Lovecraft Country Radio.”
“It is hosted by Indiana’s own Ashley C. Ford and one of the writers of Lovecraft Country, Shannon Houston. I would highly recommend getting HBO to watch the 10 thrilling episodes of Lovecraft Country, then listen to the podcast after each episode to gain more insights about the deep meaning seen and unseen throughout the show!”
—Tamara Cypress

“Well, I’m a bit biased. ‘Zero Excuses’ is my podcast, and it focuses on local business leaders doing wonderful things. I do love ‘The Daily,’ too—it gives me the quick updates on news that I need without investing too much time.”
—Nick Smarrelli

“Dave Ramsey and his team touch on such a broad array of issues related to the management of businesses and their people. I always walk away with a new perspective, best practice or insight that influences my thinking.”
—Colleen Powers

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