Janet McCabe: There’s still time to mitigate dangers of climate change

A new survey by the Environmental Resilience Institute, part of the Grand Challenges program at Indiana University, shows Hoosiers are aware of climate change and care. Seventy-five percent support efforts to address its impact. And 65 percent are more concerned about climate change than they were five years ago.
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Gloria Sachdev: Hoosier hospitals owe us greater price transparency

Indiana hospital prices are not sustainable. They are compromising the ability of businesses to compete in a global economy, harming the ability of municipalities to adequately provide services for their citizens, and preventing employees from having funds to spend on other aspects of their lives.
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Tim Day: Crossroads of tech, behind Indiana’s innovation boom

At the U.S. Chamber, we’re increasingly looking to host forums in some of the most forward-leaning and innovative cities in the nation. Partnering with Indiana IT Councils, local chambers and tech companies, our event explored the opportunities and challenges innovators in Indiana and across America are facing.
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