FDIC sues executives over Irwin failure

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. has filed suit against four former officers of defunct Irwin Financial Corp. banks, alleging they “closed their eyes to known risks” in approving loans that contributed to the banks’ 2009 takeover by regulators.

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Judge tosses out lawsuit blasting Irwin executives

A judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by Irwin Financial Corp.'s bankruptcy trustee, saying the only party with the right to bring suit was the bank’s receiver, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. It didn't do so by last month's deadline.

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Court of Appeals upholds Miller estate decision

The Indiana Court of Appeals has sided with former Columbus, Ind., banker Will Miller in an estate battle launched by his older brother, Hugh. In an opinion issued Thursday, the court said Will Miller was correct to spend more than $20 million over 3-1/2 years on the upkeep of properties owned by the wealthy Columbus family.

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