IndyGo announces preliminary low bids for Red Line construction

November 16, 2017
IndyGo has released renderings of key Red Line stations. Some will board at islands in the middle of the street. (Renderings courtesy of IndyGo)

IndyGo on Wednesday announced two Indiana-based contractors as the preliminary low bidders for its Red Line rapid-transit bus project.

Indianapolis-based F.A. Wilhelm Construction Co. Inc. and Goshen-based Rieth-Riley Construction Co. Inc., which has an office in Indianapolis, are the "apparent" low bidders, the group said. "Apparent" low bids describe bids that appear to be the lowest based on a cursory examination.  

Bids are expected to be awarded at the transit corporation’s Dec. 7 board meeting. Between now and then, IndyGo employees will examine each of the bids to make sure they meet all specified requirements. If a bid fails to meet requirements, IndyGo will select the contractor with the next-lowest bid. 

In all, IndyGo received seven bids to build the Red Line project, a 13.1-mile route that runs between East 66th Street at College Avenue and the University of Indianapolis, with 28 stops along the way.

IndyGo released two separate bid packages: one for construction of the route itself and one for building the 28 stations along the route. Contractors could bid on the route package, the station package, or both.

Wilhelm was the only contractor to submit a bid for both packages of work. Its base bid was $46.9 million.

Wilhelm also was the apparent low bidder for the station package, submitting a base bid of $12.1 million.

Rieth-Riley was the apparent low bidder for the route package, submitting a base bid of $30.3 million.

Construction is expected to begin in January.


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