Lawrence Township School Foundation

The mission of the Lawrence Township School Foundation is to encourage and support creativity, innovation and excellence that
enhances the educational community of the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township.

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The (your name here) bat

Purdue University is jumping on a trend toward offering naming rights for newly discovered species.

The university plans to announce Monday that a bat discovered by one of its researchers can be named for
a company, a person â??…

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Scandal singes MBA entry exam

Not everyone who takes the Graduate Management Admission Test, which is required to get into business graduate
programs, is honest.

The organization that publishes the test, the Graduate Management Admission Council, disclosed yesterday that
it has tossed scores of 84…

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Getting Hoosiers through college

The Indiana Commission on Higher Education rolled out an ambitious goal yesterday â?? to increase the number
of graduates from state-supported colleges and universities by a third within four years.

Indiana isnâ??t plagued by too few high school grads…

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SAT scores stuck below average

This yearâ??s SAT scores are out, and there isnâ??t much to cheer about. Indiana saw math scores improve slightly,
but reading and writing scores dropped a few points. All three remain below national averages.

Educators say the tests are…

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Vaunted program hits turbulence

Ball State Universityâ??s entrepreneurship program has long been considered one of the stateâ??s crown jewels in
business academics.

Former funeral director Don Kuratko started the program before entrepreneurship was cool and pushed it to
national prominence. Real-world business types like the…

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Is college for everyone?

Parents and teachers for more than a generation have steered students toward college and white-collar work,
and few states need the graduates more than Indiana, which has one of the lowest levels of college attainment
in the country.

Lost in the…

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Back to school in hard times

Colleges and universities tend to see enrollment boom when the economy goes south, and this down cycle appears
to be little different.

Indiana University, Ivy Tech Community College and the University of Indianapolis all have announced in recent
weeks that enrollments…

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Match your wits with an Indian child

Bob Compton has taken a few arrows in the back since he began screening the film he funded, â??2 Million
Minutes,â?? last fall.

Compton, who was a venture capitalist at CID Equity Partners before striking out on his own to bankroll…

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Depending on a three-legged stool

Economic development experts have long contended that business investment and good jobs gravitate to places
where business, government and higher education are on the ball and get along together.

If one of the three legs doesnâ??t carry its weight, the other…

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The sum of IU and Purdue

It wasnâ??t so long ago that the thought of Indiana and Purdue universitiesâ?? doing anything of consequence
together was a nonstarter.

Then they began working on economic development together, and later life science projects.

But the person who dreamed up Indianaâ??s first…

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Judge this elevator speech

Results are in for Purdue Universityâ??s second annual Elevator Pitch Competition, and a transcript of the winning
pitch for the graduate-level division is below.

Bob Caswell spit this out in less than two minutes, less time than the ride to the…

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Ticket to the middle class

Forget outsourcing. A Michigan research group says the larger problem for manufacturing will be finding enough
domestic workers to navigate the complexities of modern factory floors.

The Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor contends in a recent report that while…

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