Seasoned stock pros size up slump

Media pundits regularly call the current economic crisis the worst since the Great Depression. One of the few Indianapolis financial experts who’s actually qualified to make such a comparison is Donald C. “Danny” Danielson, the 89-year-old vice chairman of City Securities Corp.

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Conseco wins $29M judgment in latest round of legal war

Conseco Inc. has won another round in court against former Merchants National Bank CEO James D. Massey this month, ringing
up a $29 million judgment against him in a court in Illinois. But Massey shows no sign of throwing in the towel in the years-long
litigation over millions he borrowed to buy Conseco stock. Massey was a director of Conseco from 1994 to 2000.

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Old National slaps Durham with suit

Indianapolis entrepreneur Tim Durham has run into trouble with one of his lenders. Evansville-based Old National Bank says
in a Dec. 1 lawsuit that Durham’s Indianapolis-based holding company,Obsidian Enterprises Inc., is in default on $2.6 million
in loans that came due Nov. 1.

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