2016 Business Profiles

  • Business Profiles is a special advertising
    supplement of IBJ that will highlight
    Indianapolis businesses.

    A full-color page will be devoted to featuring the history,
    accomplishments and growth of each company. Upon
    publication, participating companies will receive their
    profile in an electronic format that can be reproduced for:

    • online use
    • print promotions
    • flyers
    • mail campaigns
    • marketing and trade shows

    Plus IBJ will drive traffic all year to this
    publication with ads in the paper and on IBJ.com.

  • Considering submitting a story
    for IBJ’s 2016 Business Profiles?

    • Write your own story

      This is your opportunity to tell the story of your business
      or service in your own words. After all, who knows about
      your experience better than you? When writing your
      own story, please adhere to the following guidelines:

      Story Length and Format:

      • Your story must be 500 words in length, and it
        be submitted in digital format.

    • Verification of your claim

      If you tell us you are the No. 1 distributor in
      America, the only authorized dealer for a particular
      manufacturer or some other such claim, we need you
      to back it up. You must send an independent written
      verification of that claim along with the manuscript or
      we will have to take the claim out of the story.

    • We will write your story for you

      You may prefer us to arrange for the writing. We
      can have a professional freelance writer contact
      and interview you for the story.

  • Editing and Approvals

    A freelance copy editor will proof and edit all stories.
    You will have the chance to review the final version.

  • Photo

    • You can submit a photo to accompany your story.
    • It must be 9.75″ x 6.5″, 300 dpi, CMYK, in jpeg or tif format.
    • You can have a photo taken at your location
      by a freelance
      photographer. You will have an
      opportunity to review a sampling
      of three photos
      from the shoot and select one for your profile.

  • Company logo

    Logo must be at least 3 inches wide, CMYK, 300 dpi,
    in EPS or TIF format.