Forty Under 40 – 2024

Indianapolis Business Journal Fortu Under 40 Class of 2024

Check out this year's rising stars and see who received this year's Forty Under 40 Alumni Award.

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The Alexander acts as backdrop for Forty photos

IBJ’s Forty Under 40 photos this year were taken at The Alexander, A Dolce Hotel, at CityWay downtown.

The hotel, at 333 S. Delaware St., opened in 2013. It has 157 guest rooms, 52 extended-stay units, two restaurants and 16,500 square feet of event and meeting spaces. It was named to luxury and lifestyle magazine Conde Nast Traveler’s Top 15 Hotels in The Midwest: Readers Choice Awards list in 2017, 2019, 2020 and 2022.

Every room, lobby and dining space features unique art by local and international artists. The collection was curated by the Indianapolis Museum of Art, with 14 commissioned installations and 25 other original works spread throughout the public areas.

Pieces include Paul Villinski’s “Anthem,” a large installation that includes records, a turntable and birds that Villinski made from the vinyl records of musical artists he loves.

A Sonya Clark installation of “Madam C.J. Walker II” is made from 3,840 plastic combs.

And there’s “Standing Wave,” by Alyson Shotz. The sculpture, which looks like an iridescent wave, was made with dichroic acrylic and Velcro tape.

IBJ photographer Eric Learned and Lead Designer Audrey Pelsor used the hotel’s lobby, the restaurant Plat 99 and other common areas as backdrops for this year’s shoot.

The cover photo was taken in Plat 99 and includes honorees Sid Bose, Matt Rubin, Andréa Homoya, Shamika Anderson and Shelly Langona.

IBJ thanks The Alexander staff for its hospitality.
—Samm Quinn

IBJ asked our Forty Under 40 honorees, “Why do you do what you do?” Here’s a sample of what they had to say.

“As a first-generation college student, I understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate college. However, I also know that college opens doors to opportunities, people, and places that would otherwise remain inaccessible.” —Amanda Bonilla

“I’m fascinated about food’s emotional impact on our daily lives and economic impact around the globe.” —Matt Rubin

“I strive to impact the world around me. When I see a problem, I can’t help but try to fix it.” —Stephanie Flittner

“I believe that being an employer and business owner is a vocational project that creates real-time and long-lasting economic and spiritual value to incredible people in a beautifully crafted world.” —Brittany Whitenack

Working with cars and in racing has been my dream since I was a little kid. Now what gets me up every morning is a desire to change the sport for the better by setting the standard for higher performance and doing it in the right way.” —Gavin Ward

“I am highly adaptable. I have worked in many different legal settings, including many different legal practice areas. I am a lifelong learner and look forward to solving complex problems.” —Roya Porter

I love real estate, and I love waking up every day trying to transform a community, and I take pride [in] seeing a project come together from beginning to end.” —Brian Prince

“This is a big question, but I would summarize all that I do in life to my personal mission statement: I exist to restore, affirm and create worth in the world around me. It manifests and is deployed in many ways.” —Chris Huxhold

“I grew up in a household that valued civics. My family imparted the importance of governance and encouraged me [to] actively participate in our political system.” —Chaka Coleman

“I did not grow up dreaming of being a talent management professional, however, I have always been passionate about creating environments where individuals can thrive, and in my case, both personally and professionally. My role allows me to do that daily.” —Ashley Scruggs

“I enjoy having the opportunity to work with a diverse, passionate group of individuals that have come from every different walk of life but share one goal—to make our city safer.” —Dane Nutty

“Originally, I started my business to be financially set. Along the way, though, I’ve fallen in love with the freedom that owning your own business gives you—the freedom to call your own shots, to work with the people you want to, on the projects that interest you, and on your own timetable.” —Aaron Smith

“I care deeply about people, and I value getting to know individuals and helping be a guide through an important question in life: How to be healthy?” —Dr. Daniel Pino

IBJ asked our Forty Under 40 honorees, “What have you learned about yourself since joining the workforce?” Here’s what they said.

“I’ve found that I can be flexible in my career and not cling to a concept of what my career path should be. I like to plan and be methodical, but realized that I can be flexible and adapt to opportunities that interest and challenge me.” —Jacob Blasdel

“When I’m excited about what I’m working on, I’m a force to be reckoned with! Luckily, owning my own business means that I usually create ideas that I’m excited about.” —Andréa Homoya

No one can do it alone. When I started my business, I tried to be everything, to everybody, all the time. It’s unsustainable and not scalable. Helping lead Noblesville has taught me that there is power in coalitions.” —Aaron Smith

“I have learned that I am meant to lead, but to whom much is given much is expected.” —Brian Prince

Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to jump to conclusions. Not jumping to conclusions, and allowing time for situations to ‘air out’ before reacting has really served me well.” —Ashley Scruggs

I have a unique ability to dream and build intricate ideas or worlds in my mind. When applied to business ideas and ventures, creative products or shopping experiences can be novel and inspirational, resulting in incredibly rewarding growth.” —Brittany Whitenack

“I’ve learned how to be more resilient. Mistakes are bound to happen, but I’ve found it is much more how you respond to those situations that is most important.” —Melissa Dicke

“I’ve learned about my aptitude for forging coalitions and that I have an optimistic perspective of humanity. I believe that most individuals, irrespective of their backgrounds or political views, can collaborate effectively to achieve outcomes that are mutually beneficial.” —Jerell Blakeley

I do my best work when I’m part of a team of smart, committed people who are all working toward a shared, service-oriented mission.” —Emilyn Whitesell

I’m much more curious and open to possibilities now than I was earlier in my career. You never know what could happen, and that’s something to be excited about rather than afraid of.” —Melanie Allen

“That I am resilient.” —Kate Bruce

I’m more capable than I think I am, and if I ever need help, I have a great network of folks around me to provide support when I need it.” —Cherylynn Schilling

“I have learned that I am energized by working on complicated and challenging problems.” —Matt Gentry

“I’ve learned that I can have more influence through small acts of kindness, thoughtful gestures and compromise than by drawing hard lines and trying to force an outcome.” —Lindsay Gotwald

I have high expectations, and my style is not for everyone, and that is OK.” —Lesley Gordon