Indiana COVID-19 hospitalizations hit lowest mark since late November

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Hospitalizations related to COVID-19 are continuing their downward slide in Indiana, falling below 2,000 on Thursday for the first time since late November.

The Indiana State Department of Health on Friday said hospitalizations due to COVID-19 were at 1,932 on Thursday, the lowest number since Nov. 24, and  have plummeted 45% since hitting a pandemic high of 3,519 on Jan. 13. COVID patients occupy 20% of Indiana’s intensive care unit beds. The state has 15.3% of its ICU beds available overall.

The department, which has had difficulties in issuing its daily update this week due to “technical problems,” reported 108 new deaths from COVID on Friday. The cumulative death toll has risen by 219 since Tuesday’s report, to 21,298.

Also on Friday, the state reported 2,839 new COVID-19 cases, for a pandemic total of 1,664,353.

For the first time in about four weeks, Indiana is no longer completely colored red on the state’s advisory-level map. Red is the highest level on the four-color map, indicating counties that are seeing at least 200 new cases week per 100,000 residents and a seven-day positivity rate for all tests of 15% or more. Four counties in the northern third of the state have fallen out of red status, into the yellow, second-highest category.

The health department also released the latest statistics for breakthrough cases, hospitalizations and deaths, reflecting cumulative data through Feb. 4. The numbers, which are updated weekly, showed that 324,316 Hoosiers who had been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 have since tested positive for the virus, while 3,500 required hospitalization and 1,881 died. The average age of a breakthrough death was 78 years old. The state said 0.096% of fully vaccinated individuals have been hospitalized with COVID and 0.051% have died from the virus.

More than 3.66 million Hoosiers had been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as of Friday at 5 a.m. More than 1.68 million Hoosiers have gotten vaccine boosters.

The department said 60.4% of Indiana residents 12 and older and 62.4% of residents 18 and older are fully vaccinated.

COVID-19 cases

New COVID-19 cases: 2,839

Total cumulative cases: 1,664,353

COVID-19 deaths

New deaths: 108

Total cumulative deaths: 21,298

COVID-19 testing

New tested individuals: 4,520

Total cumulative tested individuals: 5,055,938

Cumulative positivity rate unique individuals: 31.7%

Cumulative positivity rate all tests: 10.8%

Seven-day positivity rate unique individuals: 31.2%**

Seven-day positivity rate all tests: 18.3%**

** The health department reports the 7-day positivity rates with a six-day lag to allow time for more comprehensive results.

County numbers

Marion County cumulative cases: 221,636 (increase of 283)

Marion County new deaths: 12

Marion County cumulative deaths: 2,739

Marion County 7-day positivity rate unique individuals: 23.8%

Marion County 7-day positivity rate all tests: 16.4%

Hamilton County cumulative cases: 80,234

Hendricks County cumulative cases: 40,155

Johnson County cumulative cases: 41,734

Madison County cumulative cases: 32,123

Boone County cumulative cases: 14,845

Hancock County cumulative cases: 20,387

Morgan County cumulative cases: 16,182

Shelby County cumulative cases: 13,413

COVID-19 vaccinations

Statewide totals (Dec. 14, 2020–Feb. 11, 2022)

First dose administered: 3,745,229 (daily increase of 1,153)

Fully vaccinated: 3,663,847 (daily increase of 1,882)

Booster doses: 1,689,829 (daily increase of 1,882)

Indiana intensive care unit usage

ICU beds in use by COVID-19 patients: 20%

Available ICU beds: 15.3%

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13 thoughts on “Indiana COVID-19 hospitalizations hit lowest mark since late November

  1. Is there a link to where one finds the info on breakthrough cases, hospitalizations, and deaths? I haven’t been able to find it on the state’s Covid dashboard.

  2. They only publish it weekly but it’s pretty consistently shown that around 90% of the hospitalizations/ICU stays/deaths are in the unvaccinated, while omicron has shown a marked ability to increase the number of cases in those who are vaccinated and even boosted.

    I am amazed that people still want this data about this given it’s not changed a single mind about getting vaccinated or the effectiveness of the vaccinations.

    Given the current trajectory we are on, if numbers continue to drop, they should be low enough in a few weeks that we can all resume normal activities pretty soon. For instance, schools can make a good case for being able to drop masking mandates after spring break (maybe one week after students return so any cases people bring back can burn out), especially if vaccination is approved for those under 5.

    If the numbers tell us when we should restrict activities and mask up, they also have to tell us when it’s time to open up.

    1. Translation:

      – People want to see this data because even though it is biased, not objective, and not detailed (to the benefit of the laundering of government dollars), it allows even we healthcare professionals to track the scam

      – Magically masks are not required and sorry Joe B. the inoculation will not be approved for toddlers and infants

      – Those not glued to their TV or the goal post moving data from the CDC etc, resumed normal activities about May 1st 2020

      You’re welcome. 😁

    2. I figure you must be in traction by this point.

      The numbers can’t be trusted but they allow you to track the scam?

      It hurts just to read those gymnastics. Typing them had for have caused massive injuries. Heal quickly. Either trust the numbers or ignore them, pick a side.

      People far smarter than you, actual medical professionals, have this handled, for which I am quite grateful.

      “Magically masks aren’t required”. You can’t be that foolish even if your job is just mopping floors.

  3. All local, state and federal restrictions/mandates will be eliminated no later than July 31, which is 100 days before the 2022 mid-term elections November 8th. This will facilitate massive nation-wide celebrations of a “return to normalcy” that the mainstream media will broadcast 24/7 every day until the election. The narrative, which will be parroted by nearly all news outlets will also include grandiose credit assigned to Joe Biden and the Democratic Party for “ending” the pandemic. The same narrative will include that all decisions were “science based”.

    1. There Isn’t a Coronavirus ‘Second Wave’

      “In recent days, the media has taken to sounding the alarm bells over a “second wave” of coronavirus infections. Such panic is overblown. Thanks to the leadership of President Trump and the courage and compassion of the American people, our public health system is far stronger than it was four months ago, and we are winning the fight against the invisible enemy.“

    2. Biden Declares Success in Beating Pandemic in July 4 Speech

      A triumphant President Joe Biden all but announced an end to the pandemic in the U.S. on Sunday, celebrating what he called a “heroic” vaccination campaign on the country’s Independence Day holiday.

      Speaking at a party on the White House’s South Lawn with more than 1,000 people in attendance, Biden declared that the U.S. had achieved “independence” from the coronavirus, though he cautioned against complacency with more transmissible variants circulating in the country.

      “Today, all across this nation, we can say with confidence: America is coming back together,” Biden said to a cheer from the invited guests. “Today, while the virus hasn’t been vanquished, we know this: It no longer controls our lives, it no longer paralyzes our nation and it’s within our power to make sure it never does so again.”

    1. 4 stages of a reply: 🤨😁😂🤣

      You’re hilarious! Keeping Crackers open downtown with the new lease agreement it seems!!

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