Help in form of guaranty funds: Local women work to cover insurance claims-when your insurance company can’t

You have an auto accident, but you have insurance. You’ve religiously paid your premiums, so when you arrive to pick up your repaired vehicle at the auto body shop, you are shocked to discover that your auto insurance company has gone under, the shop hasn’t been paid, and it won’t release your car. At this point, despair sets in, but is soon replaced with hope in the form of the guaranty fund systems in place to cover claims of insolvent…

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Happily ever after?: How to avoid the roadblocks to financial security

Happily e ver after? How to avoid the roadblocks to financial security In her new book, “The Feminine Mistake,” author Leslie Bennetts cautions women to seriously consider the financial consequences of exiting the workplace to be a stayat-home wife and mom. The former journalist and Vanity Fair writer says “few intelligent people would sink a lot of money into refurbishing a rental, but stay-athome wives think nothing of subordinating their own financial interests to those of their husbands, blithely assuming…

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