Secretary of state candidates battle over voting issues

Democrat Beth White is banking that Hoosiers are ready for a change as she fights to unseat Republican Connie Lawson from the secretary of state’s office. Secretary of State Connie Lawson is asking voters for a full term in the office.

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Officials raise stink about smelly toll road toilets

The state has notified the company leasing the toll road that the travel plazas need improvement. And in a letter back to the state last month, ITR Concession Co. said it has hired additional cleaning staff to handle the restrooms.

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Proposal to allow alcohol sales at fair still on tap

People on both sides of the issue, including those on the State Fair Commission, Indiana alcohol producers, and those opposed to the change, discussed a tentative plan Wednesday for how the state fair could sell its first alcoholic beverages since the 1940s.

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