The company has evolved from being a traditional advertising agency that produced a lot of TV and print to being an integrated communications company where more than half of what it does is digital.

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FAST 25: Formstack LLC

The company lets clients build online forms that help them collect data—survey results, event registration, business leads—that can be used to make decisions faster.

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FAST 25: CloudOne

CloudOne CEO John McDonald says his company, which manages business data using cloud applications, grew 100 percent in 2015, the fourth straight year it has achieved that level of growth.

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FAST 25: Spot Freight Inc.

The third-party logistics company, which works with trucking companies to ship freight across the country and in Canada and Mexico,  is more than doubling the size of its Indianapolis offices and recently opened its first expansion outpost in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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FAST 25: Milhaus

The real estate firm—which was No. 1 on this list last year—added offices in Pittsburgh, Milwaukee and Oklahoma City in the past year and soon will be in Tampa and the Carolinas.

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FAST 25: Bottom-Line Performance Inc.

3-year growth: 72 percent  2014 revenue: $2.7 million Changing the business: Like many companies, Bottom-Line Performance experienced a big downturn in 2008-2009. The company was 100-percent service-based, creating training programs for customers to support product launches or customer education. President Sharon Boller said she realized that “survival and growth would have to come by diversifying—offering […]

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