Sidewalk inspections help downtown get spiffed up for big events

They used to say that downtown Indianapolis rolled up the sidewalks at 6 p.m. No one says
that anymore. Now they say those sidewalks need to be clean. Sidewalk cleanliness is important on a day-to-day
basis for aesthetic reasons, but even more so when Indianapolis wants to put on its best face for major events
like the Final Four, the Indianapolis 500 and the Super Bowl.

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Banks building new branches despite online age

Bank transaction counts—the number of people going into banks to make a deposit, cash a check or
conduct some other form of business—have declined in recent years with the increased popularity
of direct deposit, online banking and easy ATM accessibility. So why add branches?

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Faced with competition, record shops look for fresh ways to rock

Music CD sales are falling–down 8 percent so far in 2005–while digital downloading of music jumped 163 percent. And nearly one-third of the nation’s record stores have closed in the past three years. Even so, Indianapolis record-store owners say they’ve been reasonably successful adapting to a changing marketplace.

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