Forty Under 40 2017

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Check out this year's rising stars and read about their accomplishments at work and in the community.

Choosing Forty Under 40

A committee of three IBJ staff members and two members of prior Forty Under 40 classes had the difficult task of choosing this 25th Forty Under 40 class from more than 300 nominations made last year by our readers and IBJ staff. Criteria for selection include the level of success a nominee has achieved in his or her chosen field, accomplishments in the community, and the likelihood the nominee will stay in Indianapolis and build on those achievements. The committee tries to include individuals from many fields of endeavor. Every effort is also made to ensure deserving candidates are considered across gender and race. However, final selections are based solely on a nominee's accomplishments.

  • Daniel Maddox

    “The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life,” by Alice Schroeder; “Miles: The Autobiography,” by Miles Davis and Quincy Troupe; and “A Random Walk Down Wall Street,” by Burton G. Maikiel (“A great guide to business investing that highlights the fallacies in finding comfort following the pack.”)

  • Ryan Pfenninger

    “I read hundreds of articles every day mainly covering tech/biotech and finance,” Pfenninger said. “It’s easy to draw inspiration from all the interesting things that other people are doing, especially in tech and medicine.”

  • Nickolas Williams

    “Money: Master the Game,” by Tony Robbins and “Outlier,” by Malcolm Gladwell

  • Steven Meyer

    “The Metropolitan Revolution,” by Bruce Katz and Jennifer Bradley. “I think we’re seeing it even more now than when the book was written that federal and state governments aren’t as focused on solving problems as municipalities have to be. You don’t get re-elected as mayor if the streets don’t get plowed.”

  • Vincent Viveros

    “Outliers,” by Malcom Gladwell, “provides an interesting framework for understanding success,” he said, but added, “Books are interesting, but I’ve found that building a network full of people I aspire to be like is most impactful. It helps me connect the dots from what I’ve read to the real world.”

  • Jeffrey Wilson

    “Great by Choice,” by Jim Collins, and “Grit,” by Angela Duckworth

  • See more in the print edition of Forty Under 40, delivered with the Feb. 13 issue of IBJ.

  • Andrew Appel

    “At Chubb, I had an interim manager, Dieter Korte, who showed me the impact a manager can have when they consistently make time for their colleagues. It’s something I strive to emulate.” He also cites Roy Geesa, who was a sales manager when Appel arrived at the family company. “He never hesitated to do everything he could to develop me and help me to succeed, knowing full well that in a family organization, he may well have been developing his successor.”

  • Adrianne Slash

    “I have been surrounded by strong community leaders, each having their own legacies of impact on Indianapolis,” she said, specifically noting Nichole Wilson of Community Health Network, Holli Harrington of the Indianapolis Airport Authority, Tony Mason of the Indianapolis Urban League, “and I have my dad [Joe Slash], one of the city’s greatest public servants right in my own family.”

  • See more in the print edition of Forty Under 40, delivered with the Feb. 13 issue of IBJ.