Welcome to IBJ's Thought Leadership series. We're talking with experts across all business sectors who want to engage with the Indianapolis business community about industry trends and to share advice and experiences. We are excited to bring their expertise to our readers.

Julie Bielawski Founder and CEO Knowledge Services
Brody Ertel Indiana Market Director Meriplex
John Qualls CEO and President Purpose HQ and Eleven Fifty Academy, an Indiana Wesleyan University education pathway
Cody Tyler Director of Infrastructure Operations Sondhi Solutions

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Cybersecurity & Technology

Cybersecurity requires constant vigilance

In our Thought Leadership Roundtable, experts at Indiana Wesleyan University’s Eleven Fifty Academy, Knowledge Services, Meriplex, and Sondhi Solutions warn businesses not to take cybersecurity for granted and offer tips on how to secure your systems effectively.

Stephen Daugherty Director of Technology Sondhi Solutions
Andy Miller, Ph.D. VP for Innovation & Partnerships Indiana Wesleyan University
Ivan Shefrin Executive Director Managed Security Services Comcast Business

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Technology & Cybersecurity

Tech success requires playing offense and defense

In our Thought Leadership Roundtable, leaders at Comcast Business, Indiana Wesleyan University and Sondhi Solutions cover the waterfront, from protecting your business from cybercriminals to making sure you’re taking advantage of the latest technology.