Welcome to IBJ’s Thought Leadership series. We’re talking with experts across all business sectors who want to engage with the Indianapolis business community about industry trends and to share advice and experiences. We are excited to bring their expertise to our readers.

Dr. Vince Bertram President & CEO Project Lead The Way
Scott Jones President & Founder Eleven Fifty Academy

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Education & Workforce Development

Students win when educators, employers collaborate

Scott Jones of Eleven Fifty Academy and Dr. Vince Bertram of Project Lead The Way discuss what it takes to prepare today’s students for fulfilling, good-paying jobs.

Diana Brugh President & Founder AutoBio Reduction
Greg Conner Vice President Bastian Solutions
J. Mark Howell President & CEO Conexus Indiana

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Manufacturing & Logistics

Pace of change quickens in manufacturing, logistics

The leaders of Conexus Indiana, Bastian Solutions and AutoBio Reduction talk about how this unusual year and resulting changes in consumer habits have accelerated and altered trends in manufacturing automation and supply chain logistics.

Scott Abbott Partner, Investor, Author & Podcaster Straticos Business Builders
Scott Jones President & Founder Eleven Fifty Academy

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Small Business

Firms can thrive with a healthy culture and ‘go-for-it’ attitude

The leaders of Eleven Fifty Academy and Straticos discuss how small business owners can navigate today’s headwinds while maintaining and building on their role as strong job creators that are the backbone of the American economy.

SUE ELLSPERMANN, Ph.D. President Ivy Tech Community College
SHERRI C. HELVIE, Ph.D. Head of School The Orchard School
SCOTT JONES President and Founder Eleven Fifty Academy
ALICIA LAMAGDELEINE Head of School University High School

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Education & Workforce Development

Education, career prep more important than ever

The leaders of Ivy Tech Community College, The Orchard School, University High School and Eleven Fifty Academy discuss the challenges and opportunities of remote learning and how their schools are preparing Indiana’s workforce of tomorrow.

BRYAN BRENNER CEO and Founder FirstPerson
STAN JACKSON Chief Innovation Officer Apex Benefits
JJ NELSON Executive Director Delta Dental of Indiana

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Health Care & Benefits

Changes in work life, health care are here to stay

Top executives of Apex Benefits, Delta Dental of Indiana, FirstPerson Advisors and Springbuk discuss the country’s social unrest and how the COVID-19 pandemic is changing work life and health care benefits.

Mike Rechin President and Chief Executive Officer First Merchants Corp
Mark Bradford Chief Business Development Officer Old National Bank

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Banking & Finance

Clients come first in pandemic response

Top executives of First Merchants Bank and Old National Bank discuss how their institutions have responded to the crisis and what they think the future holds.