DeVry Inc. plans to open local nursing school

The for-profit school would lease 24,000 square feet at its Keystone Crossing campus and employ 55 people in its nursing program at an average wage of $28.85 an hour. DeVry is requesting property-tax abatement to offset investment costs.

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ITT’s youthful CEO has large shoes to fill

Kevin Modany, CEO of ITT Educational Services Inc., carries an iPod and downloads drum solo videos from YouTube. But when
Modany, a young-looking 40-year-old, talks about ITT’s 35-percent increase in first-quarter profit, he comes across as savvy
and confident of his ability to take the post-secondary education provider to even greater heights.

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U of I dean under fire from within department

Two years after Michael Shapiro was hired as dean of the business school at the University of Indianapolis, three current
and three former U of I professors have filed a grievance against Shapiro, alleging that he has created a hostile work environment.

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