Central Indiana colleges on alert to slow spending

Most colleges and universities in central
Indiana are being especially frugal because the value of their university endowments has plunged along with the market,donations
may decrease, and enrollment may decline, due to lack of student loan availability.

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College endowments growing, but so is tuition

Endowments at Indiana colleges and universities are soaring, due in part to impressive investment returns in recent years.
The swelling coffers here and across the nation are stoking the debate over whether universities should be using more of their
wealth to hold down tuition increases.

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Rising tuition fuels Lumina’s reform agenda

The 7-year-old Lumina Foundation, formed as part of the sale of USA Group, is on a radical mission-to overhaul the way higher
education is funded in this country. The not-for-profit believes the nation’s economic future depends on making college more
affordable, and accessible.

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