Hat World shows sign of recovering from lackluster year

The locally based headwear retailer Hat World made a name for itself by snatching up competitors and opening hundreds of
stores around the country. However, after sluggish sales in the fiscal year that ended Feb. 2, the company–a
unit of Nashville, Tenn.-based Genesco Inc.–says it plans to open fewer stores than usual this year so
officials can put their focus back on existing operations.

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Steak n Shake expects ‘rebuilding year’

Steak n Shake Co. CEO Peter M. Dunn analyzed and measured just about everything at the restaurant chain, from drive-through
times to employee turnover. All that research and testing was welcome when the company was thriving a few years ago. But the
lack of evidence that all the analysis was paying off eroded Wall Street’s confidence in Dunn.

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