DINING: A fair amount of pork

Lou's fair food review WVThis year, the Indiana State Fair is celebrating the Year of the Pig.
And that means pork is the main attraction in five dishes that were selected as finalists in the fair’s Signature Food

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Next year’s State Fair to feature Japanese exhibit

Japanese culture will be on display at the Indiana State Fair next year. Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels announced today, while
traveling on a economic development mission in Japan, that the Asian country will be featured in its own exhibit at the fair
for the first time in 2010.

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Family’s prized lemon drinks add zest to Indiana State Fair

Beverly Morgan and her husband Allen opened their first lemon shake-up stand at the Marion County Fair in 1970, when they were both teachers looking for some summer income. It went so well, they opened a stand at the Indiana State Fair. And they'll be back there this week, when the fair kicks off its 150th year of midway rides and corn dogs.

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