Hilbert in-law’s life insurance dispute takes odd turn

Local businessman J.B. Carlson contends the $15 million life insurance policy he took out on Stephen Hilbert’s mother-in-law
was legitimate, because she served on his firm’s board and was a key decision-maker. The mother-in-law, Germaine
“Suzy” Tomlinson, died at age 74 last September—just 32 months after the policy was issued.

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WellPoint pushes sales force to market life, dental, vision

WellPoint Inc. touts as the company’s biggest strength its dominant market share in its health insurance markets. But now
the officers of the company are working to branch out beyond health insurance. They’re training their sales force
on how to better sell dental, vision and even life and disability insurance–which WellPoint refers to as its specialty group
of products.

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