Economy jitters won’t go away

Exit polls yesterday showed Hoosiers voted their pocketbooks. Theyâ??re worried about the economy.

That has a familiar ring. Many voters made a similar point four years ago when Gov. Mitch Daniels beat
Gov. Joe Kernan by promising to improve the economy.


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The big day is here

Weâ??ve experienced, or maybe endured, one of most intense campaign seasons in memory here in Indiana.

Perhaps you were one of the people who pollsters and news organization kept saying would turn this primary
election, the undecideds.

If you voted in the…

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Leaders disagree about Clinton, Obama preference

The topic of health care sparked the most spirited comments from business leaders interviewed by IBJ ahead of the May 6 presidential
primary. When asked whether they thought Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton would be better for business, executives in manufacturing,
exporting, computer technology, logistics and education largely demurred.

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Rejecting Obama’s home state?

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown suggested over the weekend that Barack Obama might fare better with
Indiana voters if Obama werenâ??t from Illinois.

Indiana folks think of Illinois â??as the land of hoods and thugs,â?? Brown said. Illinois people…

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Pumped-up business leaders give big sums to Clinton, Obama

Indiana’s business community is divided in its support during this presidential election. Many Republicans are disenchanted,
which has contributed to slow contributions to their candidate, Arizona Sen. John McCain. But those looking to support Democrats
are torn this year, as the fierce competition between Clinton and Obama has made Indiana’s normally sleepy May primary a battleground.

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Clinton and Obama on NAFTA

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama suggested to voters before the Ohio primary election early this month that
the North American Free Trade Agreement should be renegotiated because Rust Belt workers are getting a raw

The extent to which Clinton and…

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Tax legislation to become law

Gov. Mitch Daniels is set to sign the property tax legislation tomorrow.

Daniels got most of what he proposed last fall. Homeowners get a tax cut, future bills will be capped and
the sales tax rises to compensate.

Are you happy with…

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Obama coming to town

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is dropping in on Indianapolis this Saturday for a campaign stop.

Will Obama or Hillary do better in Indiana?

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Is Thompson right on jobs?

Earlier this week, Jill Long Thompson, who is running for the Democratic nomination for governor, said Gov.
Mitch Danielsâ?? approach to economic development has focused on individual companies to the detriment of big-picture
policy changes that could improve the…

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Daylight-saving time angst

The debate over daylight-saving time never seems to end.

University of California-Santa Barbara economists have studied Duke Energy Corp. electricity bills and found
that Indianaâ??s switch to daylight-saving time in 2006 cost Duke households $8.6 million extra. Duke operates
in the…

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Oppose Daniels, oppose change?

A new statewide poll shows a high correlation between registered voters who intend to vote for Democratic
presidential candidate Barack Obama and incumbent Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels.

Obama and Daniels are almost polar opposites philosophically, so what gives? Mostly…

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Ranking Indianapolis’ best mayor

Former Indianapolis mayors have a way of staying in the news.

Richard Lugar has climbed to the top echelons of the U.S. Senate. Bill Hudnut is quoted regularly from his
position at the Urban Land Institute, a Washington, D.C., not-for-profit that…

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Blame Daniels for the economy?

At this point four years ago, now-Gov. Mitch Daniels had started outlining a platform based on revitalizing
the economy.

The economy had been headed south since the â??70s and had taken another beating early in the decade. Voters
were only too…

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Feeling left out of the process?

The Iowa caucuses are over and the New Hampshire primary isnâ??t far away. Indianaâ??s primary arrives May 6,
long after a string of states could easily make ours all but irrelevant.

How do you feel about having little, if any voice…

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Amendment for houses of worship

State Sen. Pat Miller says sheâ??s looking to the future by proposing a constitutional amendment that would
protect churches and other houses of worship from someday being taxed.

Itâ??s not a â??crisis today,â?? but could become a problem in the future…

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Would a county CEO be a king?

A centerpiece of the sweeping proposal rolled out yesterday by the Commission on Local Government Reform involves
consolidating many county offices under one elected official.

A county chief executive would appoint the assessor, auditor, coroner, recorder, surveyor, treasurer and even

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Kernan, Shepard break china

Folks who think itâ??s time to bring local government from horse-and-buggy days into the modern era have to
be smiling about the report that the Commission on Local Government Reform released this morning.

The report, written by former Gov. Joe Kernan…

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