WellPoint yanks controversial letter

Californians are howling over the recent discovery that one of WellPointâ??s units made a practice of asking
doctors to report conditions that the insurance company could use to cancel medical coverage for new patients.

The letter amounted to asking doctors to…

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Do doctors make too much money?

Health insurance companies including Indianapolis’ own WellPoint Inc. have been relentless in trying to suppress
spiraling health costs. So relentless, in fact, that doctors are pushing back.

Physician groups in Kokomo, Rushville and other cities are refusing to take new patients…

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Who will win the banking wars?

Itâ??s no secret that banks are in upheaval thanks to the subprime mortgage crisis and the domino affect mess
itâ??s creating.

In an IBJ story over the weekend, reporter Cory Schouten discusses the local grab for market share, as…

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Get ready for radio shock

If you’ve memorized the local radio dial, you can forget a lot of it beginning next month.

As IBJ reporter Anthony Schoettle wrote in this weekend’s paper, several stations are starting new formats.
We’ll hear plenty of promos as they try…

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Local Sallie Mae executive leaving

June McCormack, the top-ranking executive at Sallie Mae's Fishers operation, is leaving the student loan giant, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The company and McCormack are negotiating a severance agreement, the company's Dec. 12 SEC filing said, but her departure date was not disclosed. McCormack has led the 2,300-employee Fishers […]

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Non news is good news for Lilly

Eli Lilly and Co.â??s announcement this morning that President and Chief Operating Officer John Lechleiter would
succeed CEO Sidney Taurel in April was a picture of smooth succession planning.

Lechleiterâ??s ascension had been expected for so long that the news was…

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Count ’em: two IPOs

Itâ??s been awhile since the Indianapolis area has had two initial public offerings in the works at the
time, but thatâ??s exactly what we have. And theyâ??re software firms to boot â?? businesses Indianapolis
and other
Midwestern cities have…

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Anthem loses disclosure fight

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan that Indianapolis-based WellPoint Inc. operates in Connecticut has backed
out of managing part of an insurance program rather than disclose the rates it pays doctors and its approach
to denying prescription drug payments….

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Finish Line throws down gauntlet

Finish Line has played the â??material adverse effectâ?? card in its battle to break off its acquisition of

The Indianapolis company didnâ??t elaborate in yesterdayâ??s SEC filing, but Finish Line has repeatedly made clear
that encountering problems with long-term implications…

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Saving Steak n Shake

Lots of Hoosiers have warm-and-fuzzy feelings for Steak n Shake. Wall Street’s feelings are an entirely different

As the company readies to announce fiscal fourth quarter financial results this Thursday, investors are exasperated.
The company has reported eight straight quarters…

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Will ATA leave Indy entirely?

IBJ reporter Chris Oâ??Malley reported last weekend that ATA Airlinesâ?? parent company has quietly moved its
headquarters to Peachtree City, Ga. Global Aero Logistics no longer flies out of Indianapolis International
Airport, but it has other operations here that employ…

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Steak n Shake expects ‘rebuilding year’

Steak n Shake Co. CEO Peter M. Dunn analyzed and measured just about everything at the restaurant chain, from drive-through
times to employee turnover. All that research and testing was welcome when the company was thriving a few years ago. But the
lack of evidence that all the analysis was paying off eroded Wall Street’s confidence in Dunn.

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Companies must prepare for CEO turnover

A methodical process is the right way to change CEOs, according to succession-planning experts. And Indiana needs more of
its major corporations to do so. A wave of aging executives is at or near normal retirement age–in Indiana and nationwide.
How well those companies’ CEOs pass the baton will have a big impact on their companies’ futures.

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