Ramping up neuroscience R&D

December 9, 2009

Jim Pearson has launched two medical-device companies in Indianapolis, but he wants to have a few more neighbors.

He’d also like Indiana hospitals to be on the cutting edge for new technologies.

That’s why his company, NICO Corp., is helping to host a meeting Thursday night that will bring together local and out-of-state neurosurgeons, as well as local inventors and investors.

Hosted by Clarian Health Ventures, one of NICO’s investors, the meeting is designed to gin up ideas for new neurosurgical products and to make connections to figure out market potential for those ideas.

“If we’re inventing this stuff, let’s adopt it here first, let’s invest in this stuff,” said Pearson, who, before he co-founded NICO, grew and sold Suros Surgical Systems Inc.

NICO attracted money from 73 area angel investors, as well institutional investors such as Clarian, to launch its Myriad device, which helps automate neurosurgical processes and allows for smaller incisions.

Clarian bought one of the devices as part of its quest to make its neurosciences unit recognized as one of the nation’s 10 best.

Neurosciences are getting a big push from other corners, as well. On Dec. 4, the Indiana Health Industry Forum held a Neuroscience Summit, which focused on developing medicines for brain injuries and mental illnesses.


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