Intermedia Festival

April 21, 2010

April 23-25
Central Library and IUPUI’s ICTC Complex


If you think Indianapolis is a town that tends to look backward rather than forward when it comes to the arts, consider a visit to Central Library this weekend. There, dancers, musicians, visual artists and artists you’ll have trouble classifying take part in this festival of next-wave creativity.

The lineup includes composer/performer Pamela Z, whose bag of tricks includes “gesture-activated MDA controllers”; Bora Yoon, who creates “architectural landscapes from found objects”; Big Robot, a band that mixes live musicians with “computer and media interactivity”; and MPG: Mobile Performance Group, which attempts to engage using “automobiles, video projection, cell phones, FM transmission, wireless hotspots, and any other technologies that allow artists to engage the public.” Forgive me for using so many quotation marks but, in these cases, I find it necessary to accept the performers’ own definitions of what they do.

The ambitious, one-of-a-kind weekend has been honchoed by Festival Director Scott Deal, a professor of music at IUPUI. For details, and to reserve free tickets, click here.