"Pure Prine"

May 5, 2010

May 7-16
Phoenix Theatre

Anyone familiar with the music of singer-songwriter John Prine will be going into this celebratory performance with a long wish list of tunes. For me, that list includes the misfit romance “Donald and Lydia,” the whimsical “Fish and Whistle,” the get-you-through-the-tough times “Bruised Orange,” and, of course, “Spanish Pipedream,” with the uniquely Prine lyric, “For I knew that topless lady/had something up her sleeve.” This might even be a rare chance to hear his song “Kokomo” (no, not the Beach Boy one—this one is about a soldier longing for his Indiana home).
But the truth is, Prine has written more terrific songs than a single evening can handle. And with still-green memories of Tim Grimm and Bobbie Lancaster’s outstanding performances at Hoosier Dylan, I’m looking forward to settling into Prine’s world for a few hours, even though he won’t be there. Tim Brickley (doubling as music director), Jenni Gregory, Jan Lucas and Michael Shelton round out the company.  Details here.