September 29, 2010

Through Nov. 6
Indiana Repertory Theatre

Those buses you see during the day outside the Indiana Repertory Theatre are from the dozens of schools that are making part of their curriculum a trip to the state’s largest regional theater.

And while exposing kids to the art of theater is a wonderful thing to do, I wouldn’t be writing about the IRT’s latest show, “Holes,” unless I thought the show would offer pleasures for grown-ups as well. I’m optimistic that’s the case because the Louis Sachar book is a treat, because the movie adaptation was wonderful, and because Sachar himself wrote the script for the theater version, which has been performed at regional theaters around the country.

Haven’t read or seen it? “Holes” concerns the secrets that are unearthed when an innocent kid is sent to an unusual desert correctional facility. Grown-up cast members include Constance Macy and Ben Tebbe (both last seen at Indy Fringe in ShadowApe’s “Not a Peep”). Details here.